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Kocick v jablicku hii!!

Jun 10, 2023 — Jul 30, 2023
Opening Friday 9. June 2023 16:00

Alexandra Karpuchina

Dear abstract person,

I hope my letter found you well and that you are in fine health.

As we navigate the complexities of our times, I can't help but to write about how aware I am of the prevalence of common depression, especially among the saturated souls of Generation Z. In the midst of the digital landscape, Instagram seems to have become both a sanctuary and a battleground, where edited images often mask the silent struggles of the inside.

As I write this letter, a playful cat named Kitty huddles next to me, reminding me of the simple joys that exist among the chaos. Life, as it tends to do, throws unexpected calamity our way, whether personal or on a larger scale involving an ever-evolving geopolitical and eco-catastrophic situation, and the sense that we are governed not only by human decisions but also by the invisible hand of algorithms is entirely appropriate today.

But despite the rations we take in and the challenges we face, it is important to remember that happiness can still be found in small moments. Sometimes we laugh ourselves to tears and other times we find ourselves laughing at misfortune.

In today's vast universe, we encounter an intangible, ghostly presence that we cannot fully comprehend. Yet we try to make sense of it all, to find comfort in the human connections and beauty that surrounds us.

Moments of despair when we are alone, yet never alone, can momentarily consume us, but also eviscerate hope, for it is the light that guides us through even the darkest night.

And so, dear abstract person, let us face together the mysteries of life and embrace the roller coaster of emotions that shape our existence. May you find solace in the warm embrace of a friend, the purring comfort of a cat, and the resilience that lies within us. For even in the threads of our shared experiences, we weave stories that transcend the limitations of words.

I wish you peace and strength on this remarkable journey

౦0o 。 (‾́。‾́ )y~~ Alexandra Karpuchina